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Posted: Tuesday, October 27, 2020 9:01 a.m.

Madrid leaves in the air a possible closure of the perimeter of the region. Sources from the Ministry of Health at LaSexta stress that “if the closure of the perimeter of the Community of Madrid finally occurs, it will be done by a decree signed by President Ayuso”. These same sources add that “this decree of closure of the perimeter, if it occurs, will not be approved before Wednesday during the meeting of the Board of Governors” and “thus all the directors and the vice-president Aguado will be informed of this measure “.

If this measure is finally adopted, the Community of Madrid (in which restrictions are already applied by the basic health zones) will join Aragon, the Basque Country, Asturias, Navarre and La Rioja, which have already announced closures and restrictions. Thus, Aragon restricts, from this Monday, the entries and exits of the whole community without duly justified and accredited reason. Asturias also decreed the closure of the community, which will come into effect from Tuesday evening to Wednesday. For its part, the Basque Country has announced a stricter closure in addition to the perimeter, limiting mobility to the municipality.

Navarra and La Rioja had already applied last week, before the state of alarm was declared, a complete closure of the community. Thus, for a few days, the exits and the entries are restricted in these territories. Below we review the situation in which the rest of the autonomous regions are:


Juanma Moreno was very pessimistic about leaving Andalusia open from this bridge in Todos los Santos. “We are studying whether or not we are closing, or whether we are doing it on the bridge,” as the Andalusian president said in a radio interview.

The Council has already ordered the confinement of the perimeter of the municipalities of Écija (Seville), Almodóvar del Río (Cordoba) and Linares (Jaén). In addition, entry and exit in the city of Granada and in the 32 municipalities of its metropolitan area are also limited: Albolote, Alfacar, Alhendín, Armilla, Atarfe, Cájar, Cenes de la Vega, Cijuela, Cullar-Vega, Chauchina, Churriana de la Vega, Dílar, Fuente Vaqueros, Gójar, Guevejar, Huetor-Vega, Jun, Lachar, Maracena, Monachil, Ogíjares, Otura, Peligros, Pinos-Genil, Pinos-Puente, Pulianas, Santa Fe, Viznar, La Zubia, Las Gabias, Vegas del Genil and Valderrubio.

What is not yet envisaged is the confinement of the perimeter throughout the autonomous community.


For the moment, Cantabria has not confined any municipality on the perimeter. What he decreed was the restriction of nighttime mobility from 00:00 to 06:00 and the limitation of social gatherings to six people, which has already been applied before in other communities.

Castilla La Mancha

Currently, Castilla-La Mancha does not have a confined municipality or province. Yet García-Page was one of the regional leaders who called for the state of alarm decree in Sánchez to have greater legal coverage in order to apply new restrictions.

Castile and Leon

Last week, Aranda de Duero and Burgos joined the perimeter limits of Salamanca, León, Palencia, the municipality of Burgos de Miranda de Ebro, the municipality of León de San Andrés del Rabanedo and the municipality of Valladolid de San Pedro Latarce.

Regarding the possible closure of the entire region, the Minister of Health, Verónica Casado, indicated that the Council does not exclude the perimeter confinement of the community, both to protect itself from other neighboring autonomies and not to contaminate other territories that Data.


In this autonomy, perimeter confinements have not been applied for the moment, but the closure of bars and restaurants has been decreed for two weeks in an attempt to stop the spread of the virus. In addition, this Monday they put “on the table” the possibility of applying confinements during the weekend. “During the weekend there is more social interaction. The data is bad and there are concerns for hospitals. We need to avoid total containment, but we need to explore scenarios and one could be that – here “, explained Meritxell Budó, regional minister of Presidency of the government.

Valencian Community

Ximo Puig announced this Sunday that after the entry into force of the state of alert, the restrictions he had already applied had been ratified: limitation of mobility between 00:00 and 06:00 and the limitation of social gatherings to six people. .

For the moment, the Valencian Community has no perimeter limits and has not ruled on a possible closure of the region for the holidays of November 1 either.


Extremadura excludes confinement of the perimeter for the moment. The Minister of Health has confirmed that the curfew in this community will be from midnight to 6 a.m. “Our concern in cities like Badajoz, Cáceres, Plasencia or Mérida where the incidence is increasing considerably,” he said.

A few days ago, the Commission restricted the entry and exit of Jarandilla de la Vera, Cabezuela del Valle, Jerte and Tornavacas (all in Cáceres), as well as the municipalities of Badajoz de La Roca de la Sierra and Usagre. In addition, it adopted capacity control measures at eleven other sites.


In this autonomous community, the restrictions have not yet been applied, although there are restrictions on the hours of shops and other establishments. However, the president of Xunta indicated in an appearance that he was abandoning home lockdowns over the weekend, as Catalonia has proposed.

the Balearic Islands

Balearic President Francina Armengol has ruled out for the moment imposing mobility restrictions at any level. “We have made selective containments when necessary and the state of alarm allows us to make more important containments, but for the moment, it is not necessary”, he underlined.

Canary Islands

The Canary Islands are the only autonomous community that has been excluded from the night mobility restrictions envisaged in the text of the state of alarm. In addition, it is the region with the best epidemiological situation today. For the moment, they will not apply any type of containment.

Region of Murcia

For the moment, the Region of Murcia has confined the municipalities of Totana, Fortuna and Abanilla on a perimeter basis. This autonomy has not ruled on new restrictions after the state of alarm or the complete closure of autonomy for the next vacation.

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