Consumers will pay a new tax on plastic packaging from 2023

Publication: Tuesday, May 18, 2021 4:01 PM

As of January 1, 2023, plastic containers will be subject to a tax of 0.45 cents per kilo. This is one of the measures envisaged in the new law on waste and contaminated soil that the government introduced today. So, for packaged items like sushi, olives, or ready-made salads, you will have to pay a bit more on the purchase invoice.

This is the first time that national regulations have imposed limitations on single-use plastics. The text also mentions the end of single-use oxodegradable plastics, such as straws, cotton swabs or non-reusable plates and cutlery.

The text talks about limiting single-use plastics and reducing their presence by 50% in 2026 and 70% in 2030. For this, it will be essential that the agents involved promote the use of reusable alternatives.

Residual generation

The government is also seeking to reduce the weight of waste produced by 13% by 2025. For this, the law provides for a tax on incineration, co-incineration and the deposit of waste in landfill. The objective is to have an impact on prevention, reuse and recycling and not on the generation of polluting gases.

In addition, they speak of actions against food waste: the objective is to reduce by 50% the food per capita rejected at the household level, as well as to reduce food losses by 20% along production chains and supply.

Appropriation of credits

In her presentation, the Minister of Finance and government spokesperson, María Jesús Montero, assured that “this will respond to one of the greatest environmental challenges in order to contribute to sustainability and human health”. The Minister has quantified 2,500 million euros of investments by 2035 to cope with the transition from “a linear economy to a circular economy”.

In addition, the socialist minister estimated that “the recovery plan includes 850 million euros for the Spanish strategy and, of the 500 million euros entered in the general budget of the State, more than 416 have already been territorialized with municipal management improvement projects “.

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