Consumption takes t-shirts with the image of Pablo Iglesias on a target and bloodied on the parquet floor

Publication: Wednesday April 28, 2021 2:04 PM

“Wanted Dead or Alive”, “Marquis Shooting Season” and “The Good Communist is the Dead / Imprisoned Communist”. Here are some of the phrases that appear on various clothes that an online store sells. This was reported by consumer organization Facua to the prosecutor’s office. As laSexta learned, the Consumer Affairs Department also informed the prosecution of these events, in case they were committed in a hate crime. From now on, it is the prosecution who will decide how to proceed, and may even act ex officio.

Certain events to which the candidate United We Can for the presidency of the Community of Madrid has also reacted. Through his official profile on Twitter, Pablo Iglesias wrote: “Faced with his hatred, provocations and threats, the democratic response to fascism will be a massive and civic electoral mobilization on May 4”.

De Facua, his spokesperson Rubén Sánchez showed his concern that the sale of these clothes, which in his opinion may be a hate crime, occurs at a political moment like the current one, in which more threats from politicians than this association condemns.

“Whatever the values ​​of the prosecutor’s office, they are reprehensible and we fear that these messages will materialize in real attacks,” he said. In his letter to the Office of the Prosecutor, Facua indicates that “ in view of the incitement to violence against Mr. Iglesias Turrión contained in the messages (…) and in particular in view of the current social and political context, in which both he and other leaders and posts receive death threats through letters and parcel post, we believe it is necessary for the state attorney general’s office to initiate an investigation to assess whether the the practice of sending out threatening messages and incitement to hatred and violence inserted in the aforementioned products offered for sale could constitute a crime “.

As explained by Sánchez, they were alerted to the sale of these t-shirts through a user on the social network Twitter and, after initial inquiries, Facua concluded that e-commerce, called This is Spain, states in its column ” legal notice “that its owner is” Frutos Meis Maximiliano EV “, with a supposed address in Budapest (Hungary).

They were also able to verify that on the website of the Secretary of State for Digitization Max Meis appears as the owner of the domain of the online store,, and that it was registered in June 2019. name of Maximiliano Frutos Meis, which Sánchez undertakes which may be a false name, is a company called Plvs Vltra LTD and domiciled in London (United Kingdom), whose corporate purpose is the design of clothing and retail activities .

In addition, the consumer organization also sees a possible hate crime comments on the images of the t-shirts hanging on the This is Spain Facebook page, which has 38,000 subscribers, there are phrases such as “We kill and they pay us Money? Nice to meet you “,” I would even pay to kill him “,” I’m gonna get this dog for free “,” Better die “.

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