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Indian Coast Guard vessels ‘Vaibhav’ and ‘Vaj’ are trying to contain the fire that engulfed the container ship ‘MV X-Press Pearl’ in the sea near Colombo.

New Delhi. A huge cargo ship has caught fire near the Sri Lankan capital Colombo. The Indian Coast Guard (ICG) is engaged in putting out the fire. According to information received, the Indian Coast Guard ships ‘Vaibhav’ and ‘Vaj’ are engaged in controlling the flames erupting in the container ship ‘MV X-Press Pearl’ in the sea near Colombo.

It is being said that rough seas and unfavorable weather conditions are causing a lot of difficulties in relief. In the midst of this extreme situation, in joint efforts with ships deployed by Sri Lanka, ICG ships have been fighting flames through heavy duty external fire fighting systems along the length of container ships on both sides by spraying AFFF solutions and seawater.

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Containers placed on either side of the vessel are partially or completely burnt and in some places there is a risk of falling into the water. However, deftly ICG ships approached the 40-50 meter vessel and effectively sprayed seawater and foam.

As a result of constant fire control by ICG vessels, the fire in the front and center of the interrupted vessel has subsided, but continues in the rear of the upper wing. An aerial search of the area was conducted on Thursday by an ICG Dornier aircraft operated from Madurai. No oil spills were reported.

The distressed ship MV X-Press Pearl contained 1,486 containers containing nitric acid and other hazardous IMDG code chemicals. Excessive fires, damage to containers, and prevailing bad weather caused the ship to capsize, causing the containers to overboard.

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About 4,500 liters of AFFF compound and 450 kg of dry chemical powder were handed over to Sri Lankan authorities by ICG ship Vajra on Wednesday. ICG formats at Kochi, Chennai and Tuticorin have been put on standby to provide immediate support for the pollution response.

“Continuous coordination is being maintained with the Sri Lankan Coastguard and other Sri Lankan officials to enhance the overall response operation to contain the fire,” the defense ministry said.

An oil tanker was fired from a Colombo container in Sri Lanka

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