Continental Automotive Spain strengthens its commitment to equality

Continental Automotive Spain strengthens its commitment to gender equality with the launch of an equality plan. The company has signed this management agreement for the establishment and development of policies that integrate equal treatment and opportunities between women and men.

In accordance with the legislation in force, the company’s equality plan is governed by Organic Law 3/2007, of March 22, for the effective equality of women and men and Royal Decree-Law 6/2019, of March 1, urgent measures to guarantee equal treatment and opportunities for women and men in employment and occupation.

With this plan, the company seeks to establish a corporate culture “based on equality as a fundamental and transversal principle”, integrating the gender perspective in all areas of the management of the company, as well as in guaranteeing the absence of discrimination, direct or indirect, on the basis of sex.

Achieve real equity, the main objective

“This plan is part of our responsibility as a company to contribute to the advancement of society. It is a daily job to ensure equity between the number of employees, in salaries, or in the number of men and women in management positions. It is a job that takes time, but we will surely achieve it with the effort and commitment of all, ”explained Eduardo Gonzlez, Managing Director of Continental Automotive Spain.

The agreed targets and measures will reach all centers and staff of Continental Automotive.

Continental develops smart technologies and pioneering services for sustainable and connected mobility for the transport of people and goods. Founded in 1871, the tech company provides safe, efficient, smart and affordable solutions for vehicles, machinery, traffic and transportation. In 2020, Continental generated sales of around 37.7 billion euros and currently employs around 235,000 people in 58 countries. In 2021, the company will celebrate its 150th anniversary.

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