Control Panel Flash components start to disappear

Adobe Flash Player has gone from being a component to being a serious vulnerability. This component is one of the most common security threats on the web. It will now be removed from Windows 10 in late 2020. The move comes after Adobe announced plans to phase out support for Flash Player in 2020.

Software makers, including Microsoft, Google and Apple, are working on phase-out plans. Also, the end of the year will mark the end of Adobe Flash in Windows 10.

Adobe Flash disappears from Windows 10

Flash Player will die with the next feature update for Windows 10. It happens next year, but Microsoft will also be offering an optional update that will remove Flash Player components from earlier versions of Windows 10.

Microsoft recently released a preview update for Windows 10 and contains a lot of bug fixes, but one undocumented change is the complete removal of this component from the operating system.

In the preview versions, Microsoft removed the settings from the control panel that allow us to configure it. Likewise, Microsoft has removed all other components from the Windows 10 installation media.

The removal of Flash Player support in Windows 10 is not an unexpected change. The company has already confirmed that Flash Player will be removed due to its numerous security holes.

Microsoft Edge 88 will also remove Flash Player from the browser, but the update is currently only available to testers on the Dev Channel.

While other companies have already started to move away from Flash Player, Microsoft is still the only company to fully support video streaming software through Windows 10 and Microsoft Edge.

This means that when the next version of Windows 10 and Microsoft Edge is released, users will no longer be able to play videos or configure their settings. But users can still use third-party browsers or extensions to read the content.

Removing support for this component shouldn’t affect most users, but if you’re browsing video streaming sites or games based on this technology, you’ll need to look for alternatives.

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