Controversy over an act of the PP in Burgos by 8M with four men and a moderator

Publication: Sunday, March 7, 2021 3:05 PM

The PP of Burgos receives criticism on social networks for the event it organized this Sunday on the occasion of the women’s day. The reason is that in the act, called “Between Equals”, in which equality was debated, only men intervened.

The only woman present at the event was the moderator of the debate, in which it was argued that equality should be achieved without stereotypes, and they stressed that the men’s point of view should be expressed.

Faced with the criticisms received, the PP responded on its social networks to “those who speak without knowing”, defending that “the PP of the city of Burgos is made up of a majority of women” and “led by Carolina Blasco”. In fact, Blasco herself responded to the controversy on her Twitter profile: “Isn’t men’s opinion important when it comes to equality? Five women would be equality? The inverted society”

Social media has been filled with comments criticizing the fact that no woman participated in the act. You can see some of the comments they posted on their profiles, below:

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