Controversy Over Royal Families: Not Only Britain These World’s Royal Families Are Also Aged With Controversies, Know The Whole Matter

Ruckus continues the interview with American celebrity host Oprah Winfrey of British Prince Harry and his wife Megan. Megan made many serious allegations against the British Royal Family during her interview. She even said that while she was pregnant there was a lot of concern about her son’s color. He also alleged that Buckingham Palace was making false allegations against him. After which, the palace also issued a statement rejecting all these allegations. However, these debates brought to the world the internal discord of the royal family of superpowers who once ruled the entire world by colonizing it. Prince Harry and Megan have voluntarily broken up with the Royal Family, but in the time to come their revelations will keep ordinary people abreast of the conspiracies behind the scenes at the British Royal Household. However, this is not the only royal family in the world that is embroiled in controversy. Even today, there is such a monarchy in many countries where disputes related to it have made headlines at one time or another. Know these royal families …


The King of Thailand, Maha Wazirlongkorn is famous around the world for his colorful life. While not only his country but the whole world were troubled by the corona virus outbreak, Wazirlongkorn was on vacation in Germany with his harem. Thailand faces a 15-year prison sentence for criticizing the king. Even after that, pro-democracy people take to the streets against Raja Ram. The constitutional monarchy has been in force in the country since 1932. In 2019, King Maha Vajiralongkorn married Sinnet Vongvajirapakadi, 35 years old. Sinnet Vongwajirapakadi was the first nurse who later became a helicopter pilot in the Thai army. Within three months of the pilot’s job, Raja offered to marry Sinnet. After which the two got married. However, her marriage did not last long and after the breakup, the king ordered her to be imprisoned. King Vajiralongkorn has already had three marriages, which has led to his 7 children. He is divorced from the three wives. According to reports, the King of Thailand has assets of over $ 30 billion. What he loots heavily during his trip abroad.


The tales of Geoffrey Bolkia, Prince of Brunei, are famous around the world. It is said that his harem also includes beautiful girls from many countries. A few years ago, an American model also filed a complaint against Prince Geoffrey Bolkia for having sex slaves. Rajkumar has been accused by his own brother of embezzling $ 15 billion by the Brunei Investment Agency. For which the two brothers also fought for a long time in a British court. In the end, Prince Geoffrey signed an agreement with his brother to return 600 properties, more than 2,000 cars, more than 100 prized paintings and 9 planes.


In 2010, the Swedish royal family had exercised power over the country without any charges. With the king’s blessing, Swedish politicians have ruled the democratically elected power for years. However, in a novel called The Reluctant Monarch, current King Carl XVI Gustav turned out to be quite colorful. The book alleged that he used to participate in sex parties and had also been seen on a number of occasions in strip clubs. There was also a huge outcry in Sweden over this book. People had alleged that this book was written as part of a well-planned plot to lay false charges against the royal family.

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia’s Prince Salman has been surrounded by controversy from the very beginning. Not only corruption, but he is also accused of killing a Washington Post reporter named Jamal Khashogi. On October 2, 2018, Jamal Khashogi was assassinated at the Saudi Arabian Consulate in Istanbul, Turkey. The murder has been internationally condemned and questions have also been raised about the role of Wali Ahad Shahzada Mohammed bin Salman in this case. Salman is also accused of having a big party in the Maldives with his special friends, including many foreign models.

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