Conversia promotes integration and inclusion in work environments through the Equality Plan service

Conversia promotes integration and inclusion in work environments through the Equality Plan service

The consulting firm launches the business support service, which allows the adoption of measures to be implemented to guarantee gender equality

BY RRHHDigital, 12:15 – 15 November 2020

With the aim of continuing to help companies adapt to current legislation and ensure appropriate regulatory compliance, Conversia has launched a new advisory service and the implementation of the equality plan, aimed at promoting an environment inclusive, egalitarian and inclusive work. The provision of an Equality Plan, essential to access a call for tenders from the Public Administration, guarantees equal treatment and opportunities for women and men in employment, through the implementation of a series of measures.

From the creation and management of an Equality Commission, Conversia facilitates through this service the diagnosis of the initial situation of the company in terms of gender, the drafting of the Equality Plan, its subsequent registration and its periodic evaluation.

The maximum period of validity set by the regulations for an equality plan is four years. During this period, the plan is a dynamic element, which must be reviewed and adapted to the changes in the company. After this period, the law establishes that it is necessary to carry out and register a new Equality Plan, renewed and in accordance with the new reality of the entity.

The current regulations establish the compulsory nature of an equality plan for companies with more than 150 employees, but, in addition, it establishes a series of execution deadlines in which, gradually, all must integrate a plan of these characteristics. in their structure. . In the event of non-compliance, fines of between 626 and 187,515 euros are envisaged, as well as other sanctions such as the automatic loss of aid or benefits arising from the application of employment programs.

In addition to this obligation, equality plans allow companies to retain and attract talent and promote increased business opportunities. Beyond avoiding legal fees, companies that hire this service will benefit from other advantages such as creating an optimal working environment and improving brand image.

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