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The Chinese authorities are taking strict action in this regard. Not wanting to see an increase in matters at any cost.

Beijing. Some areas of China’s southern province of Guangzhou have seen an increase in cases of coronavirus infection. A number of activities have been banned here on Saturday. People have been instructed to stay in their homes.

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20 new cases of infection

Corona cases have been on the rise since last week in this business sector with a population of 15 million, north of Hong Kong. 20 new cases of infection have been reported here. These cases are much less than the thousands of new cases that come to many cities in India every day. But the Chinese authorities are cracking down on it. He believes that the pace of infection in the country should not increase at any cost.

The arrival of people was banned

According to China’s state-run newspaper Global Times, health officials have been quoted as saying that the infection rate is rising rapidly. People from five areas of Guangzhou’s Liwan District are being investigated. Child care centers and recreation centers have been locked down along with the market. Restrictions have also been imposed on people entering the restaurant. People in four areas of the district have been asked to stay in their homes.

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4636 people died

There are 91,061 cases of coronavirus infection in China. At the same time, 4636 people have died. According to Chinese officials, only people from abroad have been infected. There are fewer cases of infection locally. Two new cases have been reported locally in Guangzhou, according to the National Health Commission. There have been 14 cases from other parts of the country.

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