Corona nurse positive after receiving vaccine: One week after application of Pfizer’s corona virus vaccine, positive corona nurse – American nurse in California tests positive corona more than a week after receiving pfizer vaccine covid 19

A nurse became corona positive just one week after applying Pfizer’s Corona virus vaccine in California, United States. A woman named Matthew W. works as a nurse in two different hospitals. This nurse had administered the vaccine against the Corona virus on December 18 and also posted it on Facebook. The woman said she had no side effects after applying the vaccine.

According to an ABC News report, the nurse fell ill after working in the Kovid-19 unit on Christmas Eve, 6 days after the vaccine was applied. The nurse started to feel cold and later her body ached. The nurse started to feel tired. The nurse went to the hospital after Christmas and had the wreath tested.

Remers said: “We know from a clinical vaccine trial that it may take 10 to 14 days to produce immunity against the corona virus. I understand that the first dose of corona virus vaccine gives you about 50% protection and you need another dose for 95% protection.

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