Corona Tag, HRD’s best ally

As a result of what has happened in recent months and the pandemic caused by the COVID-19 virus, the companies and the different departments that make up them have quickly adapted their work models to the new situation and have faced an unprecedented crisis which, unlike the previous ones, is caused by a health emergency.

This has imposed a new paradigm in the way we interact, including at work, but it has also created great opportunities thanks to online communication tools and solutions that optimize the work of employees without putting their health at risk.

In this process, the human resources departments have done an excellent job in preparing emergency plans so that employees can perform their jobs safely, and have sought solutions that guarantee and ensure health and well-being. of their workers without neglecting their productivity.

Among the initial measures, besides washing hands and using masks, is social distancing. Faced with this situation, many HR departments are turning to solutions that allow them to control the distance between their employees in complete safety in the workplace.

In this sense, Kramer Electronics, manufacturer of complete audiovisual solutions based on the cloud, the most advanced software and state-of-the-art hardware, has developed Corona Tag, an integrated solution which is placed on the worker’s identity card and which allows The surveillance. interaction and exposure time.

This solution allows you to sign up with whom employees are related and in the event of a positive Covid test, it allows you to investigate encounters between all users in the past two weeks, eliminating the need to shut down completely in case of infection. .

Kramer’s Corona Tag is based on BlueNRG technology to detect other devices in the area. This solution is preconfigured to record cross-device encounters as long as they last over 15 minutes and take place within five feet of each other.

Using Bluetooth signals, Corona Tag measures distance and exposure time between workers without revealing or recording personal information about them. In addition, this device is completely independent, does not depend on cell phones or other connections, and has the advantage of not requiring recharging.

Corona Tag enables human resources departments to control exposure time between employees so that in the event of infection, it is easy to identify and monitor possible positives within the team, while still preserving the identity and personal data of each worker.

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