Corona vaccination in Germany: Single reception of Corona vaccine in Germany, pilot model syringes made in the air – Single reception of Covid vaccine in Germany, pilot takes stock with syringe in the sky

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Pilot model of air-made syringes in support of Corona vaccine vaccination in Germany surprised people on this achievement of 20-year-old pilot sanctioned East Berlin
Countries in the European Union struggling with the ravages of the Corona virus have started vaccination since Sunday. Happy with the arrival of the vaccine, a German pilot produced a model of syringes in the sky while flying 200 kilometers. After that, the image of this pilot’s flight path remains a topic of discussion. In European countries, vaccination programs are offered to vaccines to protect the corona virus of medical personnel, nursing home workers and managers.

20-year-old pilot made a vaccine model
The pilot has been identified as 20-year-old Sami Kramer. Kremer designed syringes in an area of ​​200 kilometers after a flight from the airport at Lake Constance in southern Germany. The flight path of his plane was first spotted on Flightradar24, a flight information site. Let us tell you that at least 16 million cases of the corona virus have been reported in 27 countries in the European Union and 336,000 people have died.

The motive was to publicize the vaccine
Kramer said his goal was to raise awareness about the corona virus vaccine. Still relatively many are opposed to vaccination. This leak will also inspire these people to think about it and get things done. He said it was a happy time because the aviation industry has suffered a lot from the epidemic.

Getting ready to administer the 7 lakh vaccine every week in Germany
Germany officially launched its vaccination campaign against the Corona virus on Sunday. The German government is trying to provide the vaccine to around 1.3 million people by the end of this year. There are plans to distribute vaccine supplements to 7 lakh people every week starting in January.

Vaccination continues in many European countries since Saturday
European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen posted a video of the vaccination campaign, calling it a moving moment of unity in the fight to save nearly 450 million people in the Union from the worst crisis in the world. public health of the century. However, in some countries of the European Union, such as Germany, Hungary and Slovakia, vaccination started yesterday.

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