Corona vaccine update: Modern’s vaccine will also be affected by a modern vaccine, the company hopes – moderna expects its covid19 vaccine to protect against the new strain of coronavirus found in Britain

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The company hopes that the new Corona strain will be effective as well, due to the discovery of two new Corona strains in Moderna’s VaccineBritain, the company will be able to test vaccination on the new strain within weeks.
After the discovery of the new strain of corona virus in the UK, another new strain of virus has emerged. The second new strain is also very contagious. After which, there is a stir in countries all over the world. Meanwhile, US biotech company Moderna has said it hopes its vaccine will also work on a new strain of the corona virus.

Vaccine tests will also be carried out against new strains
The company said it plans to conduct tests to confirm the impact of its vaccine against any strain. Moderna’s statement comes at a time when the UK government is considering implementing tougher restrictions due to the new strain of the corona virus.

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Additional tests will be carried out in the coming weeks
The company said it hopes its vaccine, which was recently approved for emergency use in the United States, will also be protective against new strains of the Corona virus found in Britain. The US-based company said it will conduct additional testing of the vaccine in the coming weeks to confirm its expectations.

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Moderna’s vaccine was found to be 94% effective
Like Pfizer, Moderna’s vaccine should be stored at a very low temperature. It is a vaccine based on mRNA technology and has been shown to be effective up to 94.5%. Moderna said the price for his vaccine was between $ 32 and $ 37 per dose. On large orders, this price may fall further. However, it would be very difficult for middle and low income countries to confirm this vaccine.

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