Corona virus equivalent to a spoon

The total amount of corona virus in the world is equal to one teaspoon. The Corona virus is the size of a microscope and so far there have been 53 million cases worldwide. Its total volume in the world is 8 ml. These numbers were given by television personality and mathematician Matt Parker. He did this with a lot of things in mind. He says if the amount of the virus is too high, it will be the same as a shot glass.

How does the evaluation
Parker says Kovid-19 is millions of times smaller than an ordinary human cell. Parker began calculating the number of cells infected with the virus in each victim. For this, he enlisted the help of the viral load found in Swob and Research. Every day, 3 lakh new cases worldwide were counted, the infection continuing for 14 days.

By multiplying it, he found that 3.3 billion viral cells are present in the population. Considering their size, they said they took up very little space. Parker says the virus is actually just a code that causes disruption in the human body.

The virus has taken the whole world in its fold
The Corona virus has killed more than 1.3 million people worldwide to date. The infection, which began about a year ago in China’s Hubei province, has spread around the world today. At the same time, work on more than 150 vaccines and drugs is underway, but they are likely to reach the general public within the next year.

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