Corona virus model oxford vaccine

Pfizer and BioNTech’s mRNA-based corona virus vaccine under discussion these days. The company claims the vaccine is 90% effective and now the billionaire chief scientist on its development team Ugur Sahin says the vaccine will hit the virus hard and end the outbreak. However, scientists and even British Prime Minister Boris Johnson have said the vaccine should not be considered a panacea treatment because it has yet to be guaranteed to work.

One year security

In fact, the vaccine has been tested on young and healthy people, and in this case, what effect it will have on the elderly remains to be seen now. At the same time, Sahin says full vaccine data may come in three weeks. He said he will be able to stop the Kovid-19 but whether he can stop the transmission or not, the response has not yet been received. Sahin said the vaccine will provide protection for a year and a booster may be needed each year.


Professor Andrew Pollard, head of the vaccine trial at the University of Oxford and AstraZeneca, said the team expects the vaccine to be approved by Christmas. He says it will be 10 times cheaper than Pfizer. In fact, the Pfizer vaccine should be stored at -70 ° C and two injections will be given with a difference of a few weeks. Oxford vaccine should be stored at refrigerator temperature.


Moderna Inc of the United States recently said preparations are being submitted to the Oversight Board for initial data from the Phase III trial of its mRNA vaccine. This raised the hope that the first results will also be published. The first interim analysis will probably cover 53 cases. Moderna began its final phase of testing in July and the company is behind on its target. In fact, its two doses are given at a difference of four weeks.

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