Corona virus vaccine booster: Oxford expert says coronavirus vaccine booster will be available soon: Corona virus vaccine booster could arrive by September

Oxford vaccine chief Andrew Pollard reported that the vaccine, which affects new variants of the virus, could be ready by September. However, he clarified that the existing vaccines are also effective against them to a large extent. Professor Pollard also praised the public for taking the vaccine. He said public health data shows at least 10,000 lives have been saved by administering 3 million doses.

He said a year ago it was hard to think this could happen. Prof Pollard said conditions are better in Britain but there are problems in other parts of the world due to the vaccine discussion. Countries like Germany, France, Italy, Spain and the Netherlands ended the practice after the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine had a blood clotting relationship.

However, Professor Pollard said cases of coagulation are extremely rare and people should weigh the risks against the benefits. He said the biggest danger was not getting the shot. He said the vaccine would be 100% effective on the new variant, it’s hard to say, but would definitely prevent serious illness.

Professor Pollard also clarified that we need to prepare for the most difficult times when there is a virus that needs to be re-vaccinated. However, he hopes the outbreak may not be so catastrophic. There is more positivity about it. 250 million doses of the vaccine have been applied worldwide.

Vaccination in the UK

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