Corona virus vaccine Great Britain: Coronavirus vaccine in Great Britain Pfizer: Corona virus vaccine in UK Pfizer

More than 150 vaccines have been developed around the world to fight the corona virus and the world is waiting for the day when it reaches people. Britain is now ready for this, where, according to the biggest campaign in the country’s history, from Tuesday 8 lakh people will receive vaccines made by the American company PFizer and the German BioNTech. Preparations for the last phase were completed on Sunday. Britain has taken 40 million doses of the Pfizer vaccine, which can be given to 2 million people.

Prepare for the biggest campaign

The vaccine will be delivered to UK hospitals in extremely cold containers. British Minister for Health Matt Hancock called Tuesday a “V-Day” that recalls the end of World War II. At the same time, Professor Stephan Powys, the UK’s national medical director for the NHS, said that despite all the complications, the hospital would largely enter the first phase of the biggest vaccination campaign in the history of the country.

Results after a few months

Earlier last week, Britain became the first country to approve the Pfizer vaccine for emergency use. The vaccine was found to be 95% effective. From now on, the whole world will follow the British campaign. Events such as the success of this campaign or any kind of problem will be monitored and after a few months you will know how effective it has been.

Recall 21 days later

In Britain, the first vaccine will be given to people over 80 who are already in hospital treatment or who have been discharged after being hospitalized. Appointments will be made for vaccinations and if no one shows up despite the appointment, health workers at risk will be vaccinated. A booster dose will also be given after 21 days.

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