Corona virus vaccine vials: Shortage of sand Impact on coronavirus vaccine vial supplies: Shortage of Corona virus vaccine vials due to lack of sand

Over the next two years, an attempt will be made to deliver the Corona virus vaccine to all corners of the world, but it could take a hiatus. In fact, experts fear that there is a shortage of sand in the world that is used to make glass. Vaccine vials are made from this glass and over the next two years two billion more vials will be needed than normal conditions. Lack of sand can affect the vaccine supply.

From vaccine to smartphone

Lack of sand can cause problems, not only with the vaccine, but also smartphones to buildings. Sand is the most commonly used raw material after water. Besides glass, concrete, asphalt and silicon are used in the manufacture of microchips. Due to the development of buildings and the growing demand for smartphones, there has been a shortage of sand, gravel and sawdust.

Sand shortage crisis

United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) climatologist Pascal Peduzzi says we think sand is everywhere. I never thought there might be a shortage of sand but it does happen in some places. Pascal says: “We have to see what will happen in the next 10 years because if that does not happen, there will be a problem in the supply of sand as well as in the land use planning.”

300% more consumption

According to UNEP, 40 to 50 billion tonnes of sand are used each year in construction alone. This is 300% more than 20 years ago and it will take two years for each land to rebuild it. This trend is expected to continue with urbanization, population and infrastructure development. Due to the environmental damage caused by sand mining, research is also underway on the use of scientific volcanic ash, agricultural waste, coal fly ash, and quartz silica sand.

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