Coronavirus also infects corporate leadership

Forced digitization leads to a loss of contact with reality which leads to a crisis in the figure of the leader. For TeamEQ, intuition and experience are no longer enough to remain a benchmark; It’s time to rely on “human” data to turn the situation around. For example, the sense of professional growth has declined by 18% in the past three months, a figure which confirms the lack of motivation.

This trend can be found for example in the eNPS (Net Promoter Score), an indicator whose objective is to measure the loyalty of a company’s customers. In the case of TeamEQ, the concept is applied to measuring the health of work teams. Until the start of the pandemic, positive responses to a possible recommendation from the company to a friend or acquaintance always exceeded those given to the same question, but referring to the work team. However, and especially coinciding with the second wave of COVID-19, engagement with the company has dropped by more than 20 points, highlighting the team’s experience as the benchmark for remote working for the first time. .

Today more than ever, measuring the health of work teams and promoting new leadership integrating digitalization and empathy is a priority.

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