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Pediatricians in the United States claim the birth of such a unique baby. Antibodies to the Nobel corona virus are already present in the child’s body. Newborn mother received first Kovid-19 vaccine during pregnancy
Pediatricians in the United States have claimed the birth of an only baby girl whose body contains antibodies to the Nobel Corona virus. This is the first such case and the baby’s mother received the first vaccine against Kovid-19 during pregnancy. According to a study published on “MedArchive,” which published an ePrint related to health sciences, the baby’s mother was vaccinated in the 36th week of pregnancy.

Three weeks later, the woman gave birth to a healthy baby girl and her blood samples were taken immediately after birth, revealing that the baby’s blood contained antibodies. However, this study has not yet been reviewed. Co-authors Paul Gilbert and Chad Rudnick of the University of the Atlantic in Florida, US, said it was the first known case of antibodies found in a newborn baby.

The mother breastfeeds her baby continuously and according to the prescribed rule, the second dose of the vaccine is given after 28 days. In previous studies, administration of antibodies through the umbilical cord to infants of mothers who have recovered from the corona virus has been said to be less than expected. This latest research indicates that if the mother has received the corona vaccine, there is a high chance that antibodies will get into the baby, which also lowers the child’s risk of infection.

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