Coronavirus bats: More study needed on bats to find origin of coronavirus: Research on bats needed to find origin of corona virus

A member of the World Health Organization in Wuhan, China, said more research needed to be done to find genetic elements of COVID-19 in bats. The team is studying whether the virus has already circulated before it was caught? Zoologists and animal disease experts have reported that the team is studying several aspects, some of which seem more likely than before.

Transmission must have taken place a long time ago
Peter Daszak said, “The team wants to know if the virus was circulating in Wuhan before it was caught in 2019. Through this, efforts are being made to understand how community transmission used to occur. He says that from the first case, the virus is being studied in animals that may have been transmitted a few months or years ago.

What will be the advantage
Daszak was also involved in the search for SARS in early 2002–2003. Its first case was found in bats in Yunnan province. They say similar research will need to be done to find out the origin of Kovid-19. It is important to know the origin of the viral epidemic, because contact with this animal will then be minimized.

The WHO team is investigating
Experts from the World Health Organization (WHO), investigating the original site of the Kovid-19, visited the Hunan “seafood market” in Wuhan. The corona virus is believed to have first spread from animal to human in Wuhan in late 2019, which then took the form of an epidemic. Before the closure of this meat market, different types of cattle were traded there. There is concern that the corona virus has entered humans from bats or pangolins.

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