coronavirus biological weapon: Chinese scientists are working on the coronavirus as a biological weapon for WW3: Chinese scientists were making the Corona virus as a biological weapon during WW3

The corona virus outbreak continues to be generalized after about a year and a half, and so far no concrete evidence has been found on its origin. First of all, China, a victim of this, has denied claims that it has spread from the Wuhan market or laboratory. However, according to a 6-year-old document, Chinese scientists were working on preparing biological weapons using the corona virus to fight World War III. This document, found by American officials, indicates that bio and genetic weapons have been prepared for 6 years.

Attack on the health system

A document found by the US State Department claimed that biological weapons would be important for victory in such a war. In this, the right time for their use is also mentioned and the effect on the “enemy’s medical system” is also discussed. The Australian report talks about the records of scientists and health officials from the People’s Liberation Army and the use of disease to make weapons. At least 18 scientists were working on it in a high-risk lab, analysts said.

Preparation for the third world war?

According to the authors of this document, the third world war will be “organic”. The first world war is called chemical and the second is nuclear. He states that just as the victory was achieved by the atomic bomb in the second world and as Japan surrendered after the attack, biological weapons would win in the third world war. U.S. experts say the report has raised questions and concerns about the goal Chinese President Xi Jinping is working for. They say that despite a lot of control, such weapons can prove fatal.

When to use

The document, titled New Species of Artificial Viruses as Genetic Biological Weapons, deals with the maximum damage caused by the timely use of the weapon. He says such attacks should not be carried out during the day on a clear day. These can have the effect of sun, water and snow. They should be used in the morning, evening or in cloudy weather in the early morning. Research indicated that this attack would ruin the enemy’s health system. According to Peter Jennings, executive director of the Australian Strategic Policy Institute, these weapons may be designed for self-defense, but the decision to use them will not be in the hands of scientists.

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