Coronavirus cases in Pakistan: increase in coronavirus cases in Pakistan: increase in corona virus cases in Pakistan

Pakistan has the highest number of 3,876 new cases of corona virus infection in a single day on Saturday this year, with which the infection rate in the country has risen to 9.4%. The health ministry said 623,135 people have been found infected with the virus so far in the country. The death toll rose to 13,799 after 40 patients died in the past 24 hours.

The ministry said a total of 579,760 people in the country have so far recovered from the infection. 2,122 patients are in critical condition. Common people were able to get the vaccine in limited quantities. This is the reason why the speed of corona virus in Pakistan continues to increase rapidly. Due to the negligence of the Imran government, there is a lack of awareness among the population about the corona virus infection. People gather in large numbers every day in markets and mosques. Meanwhile, the rules for social distancing and masks are being torn apart.

Imran Khan: Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan became Corona positive even after applying Chinese vaccine
Punjab Province Health Minister Yasmin Rashid said the lockdown has been imposed on Gujarat, Sialkot and Hafizabad. He informed that the lockdown will continue until March 30 in Gujarat, March 24 in Sialkot and March 26 in Hafizabad. All markets, malls, offices and restaurants will remain closed in smart lockdown areas, but vegetable shops, hospitals, pharmacies, bakeries, meat and milk shops have been allowed to open.

Asad Umar, Minister of Planning and head of the National Epidemic Command and Control Center, warned that sanctions could be further tightened if standard operating procedures are not followed. The consignment of “Sinopharm” vaccine sent from China arrived in Pakistan on Wednesday amid mounting cases of infection. Pakistani officials said last week that the country was reeling from a third wave of epidemics.

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