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A research paper by two eminent scientists claims that Chinese scientists created the corona virus in Wuhan’s laboratory and that its samples appear to have evolved naturally through reverse engineering.

London. An explosive claim has been made by a new research amid calls for a fresh investigation into the origin of the corona virus. According to research, Chinese scientists created the corona virus inside a laboratory in Wuhan. After this, these scientists tried to hide their misdeeds by showing the version of the virus and that it comes naturally from the bat through reverse engineering.

According to media reports, a new research paper by British Professor Angus Dalglis and Norwegian scientist Dr. Berger Sorensen has come out in this regard. It has been claimed that the novel coronavirus has no reliable natural ancestor of the SARS Cove-2 virus and has been created by Chinese scientists. These scientists were working on the Gain Fun Function project in Wuhan.

The new research claims that scientists have taken the natural coronavirus ‘backbone’ found in Chinese bats (cave bats) and added a new spike to it, turning it into a highly lethal and contagious covid-19.

The paper also notes that researchers have found “unique fingerprints” in COVID-19 samples, which they say can only be produced by manipulation in the laboratory. The authors of this research, Dalglish and Sorensen, wrote in their research paper that they have the first evidence of retro-engineering in China, but have been ignored by academics and large journals.

The study accused Chinese laboratories of “intentionally concealing, destroying or corrupting data” and pointed to the silence and disappearance of Chinese scientists talking about these activities.

The research is expected to intensify the ongoing debate over China’s role in creating the virus that kills millions. In a 22-page research paper published in the scientific journal Quarterly Review BiF Biophysics Discovery, Dalglish and Sorensen discuss how Chinese scientists, some of whom are U.S. scientists. Were working with universities, allegedly creating tools to create corona viruses.

Incidentally, the ‘Gain Fun Function’ project, designed to make the natural virus more contagious, was outlawed by former US President Barack Obama. In an exclusive interview with, Sorensen said the spike has a positive charge of four amino acids, making the virus stick to the negatively charged parts of humans and make it more contagious.

Because these positively charged amino acids also repel each other, it was rare for naturally occurring organisms to have three consecutive amino acids, when the four together had no chance.

He wrote, “The laws of physics mean that you cannot have four positively charged amino acids at once. This is the only way to achieve this if you make it artificially.”

In the paper, scientists write that natural virus epidemics are mutating slowly and are expected to be contagious but less pathogenic, which is not the case with Covid-19.

Both scientists claimed that after the epidemic began, Chinese scientists took samples of the COVID-19 virus and found them “retro-engineered” to have evolved naturally. He also revealed that Chinese scientists who tried to uncover the reality in this regard were either not allowed to do so or they disappeared.

Sorensen says he believes the virus has been successful in allocating to the institute’s low-security area where he believes gain-f-function research is being conducted. He said, “We’ve seen leaks from the laboratory and we know this is happening. The reports we’ve seen show that corona viruses were being worked on in a biosafety level 2 or 3 laboratory, if you do the function. In such a laboratory , What else would you expect. “

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