Coronavirus death toll: America Corona News: US death toll exceeds 6 lakhs, President Biden calls it a ‘tragedy’

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America’s corona infection death toll took 113 days to reach 5 lakh to 6 lakh death toll US President Biden expressed condolences to families of the dead
America is one of the countries most affected by Corona in the world. Now the number of people who have lost their lives due to corona infection has passed 6 lakhs. However, it is said that the number of deaths from corona vaccination has dropped significantly. It took 113 days for the death toll in America to drop from 5 lakh to 6 lakh.

Biden offers his condolences to the families of the dead
US President Joe Biden tweeted: “6 lakh people lost their lives because of Kovid-19. My condolences to those who have lost their loved ones. I know the emptiness is gnawing at you, but there will come a time when the memory of it will make you smile before you have tears in your eyes.

America has highest number of crown deaths
According to reports, it took 113 days for the death toll in America to drop from 5 lakh to 6 lakh. Previously, it only took 35 days for 4-5 lakh of death. Vaccination is believed to be the cause of the drop in the death rate. The Corona peak arrived in America in January. In America, the pace of the crown may have slowed down, but so far most of the corona infection deaths have been here.

Biden calls Corona a “real tragedy”
Earlier, US President Joe Biden, while urging people to get vaccinated against Kovid-19, said the number of Americans who have lost their lives due to the global epidemic is going to be 6 lakh. Biden told reporters on Monday after the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) summit in Brussels that the average number of cases and deaths from the infection in the United States was falling, but many people were deceased. He called it a “real tragedy”.

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