coronavirus death toll in brazil: devastation of the corona virus in brazil, death toll crosses 370,000 – coronavirus devastation in Brazil death toll crosses 370,000

The orgy of the corona virus is seen all over the world. The ever-increasing cases and the death toll left everyone worried. At the same time, after 2,929 people died in the past 24 hours, a total of 3.71,678 people have lost their lives here. According to the ministry in the Xinhua News Agency report, an additional 67,636 new cases were registered during this period, after which the total number of cases rose to 1,39,00,091.

Brazil’s death toll is currently the second in the world after the United States, while the country with the third highest number of corona cases after the United States and India. The country has been facing a second wave of epidemics since the start of this year, leading to a major breakdown in its health system.

Sao Paulo state, the most populous state in the country, has reported 27.39,823 cases and has been the most affected, with 88,097 deaths. There have been 699,422 cases and 41,162 deaths in Rio de Janeiro. Covid-19 in Brazil currently has 6,614 cases per 100,000 inhabitants. On Friday, 34,90,00,00 lakh people were vaccinated in Brazil.

Chinese corona vaccine turns out to be ‘useless’
Brazil had bought a large-scale vaccine from China to fight the Corona virus, but in recent research it turns out to be “ worthless ”. This Chinese vaccine has been shown to be effective in only 50.7% of people with the P1 strain of the corona virus disseminated in Brazil. Due to the lack of restrictions in the country, disruptions in the application of the vaccine against the corona virus and the P1 variant, this epidemic has taken a formidable form.

Miguel Nicolais, who led the Corona virus control team in the country’s northeast region until February, said Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro was facing the greatest humanitarian tragedy in the history of the country. country. He told the BBC: “It’s like a nuclear reactor in which a chain reaction has started and which is out of control. It’s like a biological tragedy from Fukushima. The health expert said: ‘We see a new strain every week, some of which are more contagious and deadly than before. Some of them can spread across the border to other Latin American countries and from there to the whole world.

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