Coronavirus deaths in 24 hours increase to 320, cumulative incidence returns to extreme risk

Updated: Tuesday, December 29, 2020 7:18 PM

Published on: 12/29/2020 6:41 PM

The Department of Health, in its daily update on coronavirus cases, reported 14,089 new infections and 320 deaths in the past 24 hours.

For its part, the cumulative incidence increased again after experiencing its first decline since December 10 on Monday. More precisely, this indicator is again at extreme risk, reaching 255 per 100,000 inhabitants.

By communities, the greatest number of infections is still recorded in the Balearics, with 522.85 (514.42 yesterday); Extremadura, with 422.59 (400.30); Madrid, with 349.88 (334.03); Valencian Community, with 363.99 (323.76), and Catalonia, with 330.79 (321.75).

Fernando Simón had already warned on Monday that it was necessary to be careful in evaluating the decrease in the cumulative incidence of that day, because three public holidays “do not allow us to interpret the information”, although ‘he suggested that the evolution in “seven days would invite to think of a phase of stabilization of the trend”.

In addition, communities reported 12,032 patients admitted (140 fewer than yesterday) to hospitals, with hospital occupancy of 9.94% percent against 10.04 on Monday, which in the case of the ucis is 21 05% of beds (21.14%).

In view of the upcoming celebrations, Minister Illa asks citizens to keep their “high guard”, because “New Year’s Eve is a date more reserved for festive celebrations, and the concern is great”, and again insisted on “don’t throw bells on the fly”, minimize movement and contact.

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