coronavirus deaths in Brazil: Brazil Covid 19 deaths: ravages of the corona virus in Brazil, more than 3,000 deaths recorded for 2 days – ravages of the coronavirus in Brazil more than three thousand deaths recorded for 2 days

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More than 3,000 daily deaths are recorded in Brazil for 2 consecutive days, according to the Xinhua report, 3,438 deaths were recorded in the country on Saturday, a day before 3,650 deaths have been recorded, so far, a total of 3,10,550 deaths were recorded. been reported
Over 3,000 daily deaths have been recorded worldwide for 2 consecutive days in the world’s worst corona virus after America. According to the Xinhua News Agency report, 3,438 deaths were recorded in the country on Saturday. While 3,650 deaths were recorded the day before. The ministry confirmed that to date, a total of 3,10,550 deaths have occurred in the country.

In addition, 85,948 new cases of infection were also reported in the past 24 hours. With this, the total number of reported cases in the country rose to 1,2490,362. 15.9 million people were vaccinated in Brazil. Of these, 1.48 million people received the first dose of the corona virus vaccine and 46.4 lakh people received both doses. Meanwhile, the total number of corona virus cases has exceeded 1,266 million worldwide, while more than 27.7 lakh people have lost their lives due to the disease.

Johns Hopkins University gave this information. The University Center for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE) revealed in its latest update Sunday morning that the current global case and death figures are 126,610,797 and 2,776,055 respectively. According to the CSSE, America remains the worst affected country with the highest number of 30,218,380 cases and 548,825 deaths worldwide.

Brazil is in second place with 310,550 deaths.
At the same time, Brazil is in second place with 12,490,362 cases and 310,550 deaths. According to CSSE data, the other countries with more than 2 million cases are India (11,908,910), France (4569164), Russia (4460348), Great Britain (4343066), Italy ( 3512453), Spain (3255324), Turkey (3179115), Germany (2,770,696), Colombia (2,375,591), Argentina (2,301,389), Mexico (2,221,725) and Poland (2,219 845).

Mexico ranks third in the number of deaths from Corona with a figure of 200,862. Meanwhile, the countries with more than 50,000 deaths are India (161,240), Great Britain (126,813), Italy (107,636), Russia (95,792), France (94,623), Germany (75,858), Spain (75,010), Colombia (62,790), South Africa (52,648), Iran (62,308) , Argentina (55,368), Poland (51,753) and Peru (51,032).

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