Coronavirus deaths in Brazil: Corona virus continues to wreak havoc in Brazil, killing 4.25,500 people so far – coronavirus continues to wreak havoc in Brazil, killing 425,500 people so far

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In Brazil, Corona’s death toll has risen to 4,25,540. The health ministry had previously reported 2,311 additional deaths from the epidemic in one day. In the past 24 hours, there have been 72,715 new cases of corona in Brazil. On February 26, 2020, the country’s first case was reported, after which 15,282,705 people were found infected with a corona in Brazil, Xinhua reports.

After America, Brazil has the highest number of Corona deaths. Brazil is facing a new wave of the Korana virus, due to which there is a steady increase in cases and deaths. In addition, hospitals across the country are unable to handle these patients. Meanwhile, global cases of corona have increased to 15.93 crores, while the number of people who have died due to this outbreak has risen to 33.1 lakhs.

America has the most cases in the world
Johns Hopkins University gave this information. In its latest update on Wednesday morning, the University Center for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE) reported that the current global case and resulting deaths have increased to 159,3,05,473 and 3,312,199 respectively. According to the CSSE, the United States remains the lowest ranked country with the highest number of 32,773,387 cases and 582,791 deaths worldwide.

In terms of infection, India ranks second with 22,992,517 cases. The other most affected countries with more than 3 million cases are Brazil (15,282,705), France (5,861,384), Turkey (5,059,433), Russia (4,840,948), Great Britain (4,455,440), Italy (4,123,230), Spain (3,586,333), Germany (3,547,901). , Argentina (3,191,097) and Colombia (3,031,726). In terms of deaths, Brazil is in second place with 425,540 deaths. Countries with over 100,000 deaths are India (249,992), Mexico (219,089), United Kingdom (127,890), Italy (123,282), Russia (112,063) and France (107,096).

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