Coronavirus Deaths in China: Coronavirus Deaths in China After Eight Months: Corona Virus Deaths in China After Eight Months

Strong points:

First death after eight months from the corona virus in China. Higher number of cases reported in the day after March 5 is also lower than before
China has become the first victim of the corona virus outbreak, now the first death has been recorded since May last year. Not only that, after 10 months the highest number of infections was reported in a single day. Previously, China had been seen coming out of this crisis and the administration was trying to prevent the virus from spreading again. Meanwhile, the World Health Organization’s team of experts are also traveling to Wuhan to investigate the origin of the virus.

Worst cases after March 5
The National Health Commission did not give much information on the latest death. However, it is reported that the first death occurred after eight months in Hebei Province. At the same time, 138 cases of peak infections were reported on Thursday after March 5. The previous day, that number was 115. The commission reported that 124 cases were of local infection, including 81 in Hebei Province and 41 in Heilongjiang.

Hebei becomes Corona’s second hub
The emergency was also imposed Wednesday in Helongjiang, with a population of 38 million. People have been told not to leave the province unless it is absolutely necessary. At the same time, people continued to reach the second phase of the corona virus test in the harsh cold of Hebei Province. With a population of 7.5 million, this province has become the center of the second wave of Corona in the country.

Fewer cases than before
Although the number of cases is much lower than before, 28 million people were quarantined in January to prevent the situation from worsening further. The 10-member WHO team is expected to fly from Singapore to Wuhan on Thursday. Several years have also raised questions about the WHO team traveling to Wuhan to investigate this global epidemic after 1 year.

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