coronavirus destroys 623,000 jobs and leaves 528,000 more unemployed in 2020

EPA results: Coronavirus destroys 623,000 jobs, leaves 528,000 more unemployed in 2020

The effects of the coronavirus, logically, were noted in the Labor Force Survey 2020. Unemployment rose that year by 527,900 people, 16.5% more than in 2019 and leaving employment to decline. of 622,600 workers (-3.1%). In this way, we are faced with the worst annual data since 2012.

With this increase in unemployment, Spain’s streak of seven years of decline was broken. The total number of unemployed at the end of last year was 3,719,800 people. The average annual unemployment rate is 15.5%, above the government’s forecast. Regarding employment, after the decline mentioned above, it leaves a total number of employees of 19,344,300 workers.

These data, despite the negative, are made up of data for the fourth quarter of 2020 since unemployment fell by 3,100 people and employment increased by 167,400 workers, assuming the second strongest growth since 2005 despite an immersion in the second and third wave of the Coronavirus pandemic.

In addition, the creation of 737,100 jobs in the second half of the year made it possible to recover 55% of the jobs lost in the first half of 2020.

All these data, as we always call it when we talk about unemployment, do not take into account the workers included in the regulatory files of temporary work since they are considered as employees.

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