coronavirus effect in UK cancels Christmas bubble as new variant of coronavirus accelerates, celebration of Christmas day in UK new form of corona virus

Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Saturday announced the cancellation of the proposed five-day ‘Christmas bubble’ event as Britain identifies a new type of corona virus. It is believed that this new type of corona virus is responsible for the very rapid spread of the infection in the country.

Previously there were plans to relax
Previously, it had been decided to ease the restrictions for the Christmas program, but now Johnson has decided to tighten them further. Johnson said on Saturday that many areas in the capital and in southern England fell into the third category of sanctions, which are fairly strict restrictions. He said that now the fourth phase of the sanctions will be implemented, further strengthening them.

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Forbid oneself
Under the new fourth phase, people will be prohibited from meeting any other person outside their home. This ban will also be applicable during the Christmas holidays. Additionally, in areas where lower class restrictions are in place, only three families will be allowed to gather over Christmas on December 25. However, this discount will also not be for five days now.

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