Coronavirus in Sri Lanka: Coronavirus in Sri Lanka Latest news Indian variants First case in the country: Indian variant of corona has reached Sri Lanka, person returning from India found infected crown

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The first case of the Indian form of the corona virus in Sri Lanka (B.1.617), a person returning from India was found infected with the crown, on April 30, an investigation in Sri Lanka has so far killed 764 patients due to the deadly virus.
The first case of the Indian form of the corona virus (B.1.617) on Saturday in Sri Lanka was revealed in a person recently returned from India. This person lived in the isolation center in Colombo. The report released on Saturday by the Department of Disease Immunology and Molecular Medicine at the University of Sreejavardhneepura said the infected person was from India and lived in a separate habitat center in Colombo designed for those returning.

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The sample was taken on April 30
According to a Colombo Gadget report, this person’s sample was also collected on April 30 along with several other samples. A government statement also shared information on other forms of the virus so far found in Sri Lanka. A maximum of 19 people died in a single day on Friday from infection with the Corona virus in Sri Lanka. So far, 764 patients have died from this deadly virus in the country.

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There is a ban on the arrival of travelers from India
Sri Lanka announced Thursday, May 6, that it would suspend an immediate effect on the arrival of passengers from India due to a sharp rise in the number of Kovid-19 cases. The Civil Aviation Authority said Indian passengers would not be allowed to travel to Sri Lanka. This milestone has been taken due to the rapid growth of Corona virus cases in India. Many countries including Britain, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Australia, Singapore and South Africa have already banned travelers from India.

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