Coronavirus incidence drops below 300 for the first time since Reyes but daily deaths rebound

Publication: Friday, February 19, 2021 6:26 PM

Spain records 11,435 new cases of coronavirus and 397 additional deaths from the pandemic, while the cumulative incidence continues to decline and is below 300 cases for the first time since January 5: this Friday, it falls to 294.72 cases per 100,000 inhabitants in the last 14 days, more than 25 points lower than the day before, when it was 320.81.

In its latest report, the Ministry of Health collects a cumulative total of 3,133,122 infections and 67,101 deaths by COVID-19 since the start of a health crisis that occurred a little less than a year ago in our country. The day before, the balance was 3,121,687 cases and 66,704 deaths.

Thus, the decline in incidence continues and new cases are down compared to the day before, when Health notified 14,515, but daily deaths rebound for the second consecutive day: in the balance of the day before, 388 were recorded.

The incidence decreases again in all the autonomous communities and Castilla La Mancha joins those that are outside the “extreme risk”, with which there are already eight regions in this situation and none currently exceeds 500 points in this epidemiological parameter. Despite this downward trend, CCAES director Fernando Simón warned during his appearance on Thursday that infections are still at “extremely high levels”.

In addition, he recalled that we are “in the middle of the period of prevalence” of variants that carry risks, the same day that Minister Darias recognized in Congress that, precisely, the British already have a significant extension in our country , assuming about 20% of new cases detected. In this sense, Simón confirmed yesterday that the British variant “already circulates widely” in Spain.

The sanitary pressure continues to decrease gradually

As for health pressure, it also continues to decline, although at a slower pace than the incidence rate. This Friday, data released by Health shows 945 fewer hospitalizations for COVID-19 than the day before, with a total of 16,314.

The floor occupancy rate continues to decline, standing at 12.83%. In contrast, the occupancy rate of ICU beds fell by 35% to 34.77%. However, four communities still have more than 40% intensive care occupancy, with Madrid in the lead (47.47%). They are followed by Castilla y León (43.59%), Catalonia (41.92%) and Ceuta (41.18%).

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