coronavirus kaha is faila: WHO chief says spread of coronavirus from Wuhan virology lab has not been ignored: WHO chief says source of corona virus from Wuhan lab could not be denied

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Returning to where the corona virus spread, the WHO team in China did not investigate the virus outbreak theory from the Datavuhan laboratory. Now, the WHO chief said, the old theory still hasn’t got an answer and the study needed Geneva
The president of the World Health Organization stressed on Friday that the theory has not yet been rejected that the corona virus originated from the Wuhan laboratory. The organization’s team reached China to find out where the virus was coming from, but the mission failed. However, there have been reports that the team denied the theory that the virus had leaked from the lab.

Study required
The head of the Chinese WHO team, Peter Ambarek, said there was very little chance the virus had been released by the Wuhan Institute of Virology. Today, WHO Director-General Tedros Adenam said any theory is intact after much-needed scientific process and needs more analysis and study.

Adenam says, “There are some questions that arise if a theory has been ruled out. Speaking to team members, I want to confirm that all the theory is intact and that for this analysis and further studies are needed. Some of this work may fall outside the scope of this mission. He said: “We have always said this mission will not get all the answers, but it has increased our information, which will bring us closer to the origin of the virus.

China refused to give data
China has refused to give WHO investigators data on the first corona virus patients to determine how and where the virus began to spread. According to the Wall Street Journal, these 179 cases were the first to be detected in the outbreak in December 2019. According to the team’s Australian expert, he has been informed of some cases, but not all of the cases required for investigation. In such a situation, it becomes difficult to extract meaning from the data.

Unison in China
The WHO investigative team, which arrived in Wuhan, said the Wuhan Institute of Virology would not advise a further investigation into the virus outbreak. The team also backed China’s claim that the corona virus had spread outside of China and that frozen beef imported from Australia could be the reason for the crown’s spread in Wuhan.

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