coronavirus led: Special LED bulbs can kill corona virus, say scientists in new research – ultraviolet proven effective in removing coronavirus from surfaces

New York
Ultraviolet (UV) Light Emitting Diodes (UV-LEDs) can be effective in killing corona viruses quickly, easily, and economically. This is revealed in a new study amid the devastation of the global Kovid-19 epidemic. The study indicates that this technique can also be used in air conditioning and water systems.

The germination potential of various UV-LED radiation waves on a virus of a corona virus family was evaluated in research published in the Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology B: Biology. “The whole world is looking for effective solutions to destroy the corona virus,” said Hadas Mamane, co-author of a study conducted by the American Friends of Tel Aviv University, based in the United States.

The scientist said people and chemicals need time to work on the surface to make a bus, train, playground or plane free from infection by spraying chemicals. “Transitionless systems based on LED bulbs can be installed in air circulation systems and air conditioners,” said Mamane.

He said: “We have found that it is very easy to kill the corona virus using LED bulbs which emit ultraviolet rays. I killed the virus using cheap and readily available LED bulbs. The researchers said the system should be designed in such a way that people are not directly exposed to light, as using UV LEDs to free up surfaces inside homes would be very dangerous.

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