coronavirus lockdown protest: coronavirus lockdown: EU government not hit by the crown, doesn’t want any kind of lockdown .. get the story from 5 photos

Several countries have announced a strict lockdown amid the growing wave of the corona virus in Europe. Governments believe that due to neglect, the biggest epidemic of this century is reverberating in their countries. At the same time, people are fed up with these strict restrictions and have now taken to the streets. Protests against the lockdown continue in many other countries in Europe, including Germany, Austria, UK, Finland, Romania and Switzerland. During one of these protests, the situation in Germany deteriorated to such an extent that the police had to charge even with sticks after using a water cannon and paper spray. Many people, including police officers, were also seriously injured in the incident. There are also many countries in Europe where schoolchildren are protesting a lockdown with their parents. Now the question arises that when the government puts a lockdown to prevent the spread of the corona virus infection, then why are people against it? Know the reason behind this …

Why was there a foreclosure in Europe?

To protect people from the corona virus in European countries, the vaccination program has been launched at a very rapid pace. Pfizer’s Kovid-19 vaccine was first approved by the European Medicines Agency (EMA), a European Union medicines administration agency. A few days later, the vaccine against Moderna and then Oxford AstraZeneca was approved. Various countries in Europe were already in talks with these companies for vaccine manufacturers, as a result of which some companies quickly supplied large doses of the vaccine, while many countries fell behind. Meanwhile, the corona virus has taken advantage of people’s neglect and laxity in the vaccination program. Its new strains have started infecting people in many countries in Europe after Britain. This is why many countries, including Great Britain, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, the United Kingdom, Finland and Romania, are now stranded. Amidst all of this, AstraZeneca’s vaccine was put on hold following allegations of blood clotting, which also affected the vaccine supplied to Europe.

Protesters and police clash in Germany, lathicharge

More than 20,000 people took to the streets against the lockdown of the city of Kassel, Germany. Violence erupted in an attempt to stop them, after which police pushed back the crowd by splashing water and firing tear gas shells. When some protesters started to return, the police had to resort to lathicharge. In Germany, the rate of infection has accelerated after the introduction of several new strains of the corona virus. Many experts have called on the government to focus on ramping up vaccination rather than lockdown. In fact, Germany had signed an agreement with AstraZeneca for the Kovid vaccine. However, due to the ban in Europe, these countries also faced a shortage of vaccines. Now that the restrictions are over, German Chancellor Angela Merkel is holding constant meetings with the heads of 16 states in her country to speed up the vaccination program.

People outraged by restrictions in Britain too, vigorous protest in London

The British, who started the Corona vaccination program around the world, are fed up with the lockdown. This is why thousands of people took to the streets of the capital London to protest against this government decision. These people had carried a board in their hand, which was written: “Do not be afraid of the crown, but of the government” “Stop ruining the lives of our children”. London Metropolitan Police have arrested 36 people on charges of violating restrictions on the corona virus. While people threw bottles and canes at the police. Many MPs have also spoken out against the government’s lockdown decision. A delegation of around 60 MPs met with the interior minister and urged reducing restrictions.

People on the streets also in Finland, Austria and Switzerland

In many countries in Europe, people are on the streets against the lockdown of the corona virus. Thousands of people took to the streets in Helsinki, the capital of Finland, to protest the government lockdown. At the same time, the police also took action and arrested around 400 people for the crime of assembling in a public place without a mask. In Vienna, the capital of Austria, people also opposed the restrictions. These people shouted slogans against the government near Vienna Central Station. In Switzerland, more than 5,000 demonstrators took part in a silent march in the town of Listel, 15 kilometers from the city of Basel. In the Romanian capital Bucharest, around 1,000 people also demonstrated in the streets to protest the viral lockdown of Corona.

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