coronavirus mask: Special mask for the detection of coronavirus

Researchers at MIT and Harvard University have designed a new face mask that can be detected within an hour and a half of wearing, whether the wearer is infected with SARS-SoV-2 or the corona virus. This mask design was recounted in the journal ‘Nature Biotechnology’.

In addition to this, small disposable sensors can be installed on other masks and can also detect infection with other viruses. According to the researchers, these sensors can be applied not only to face masks but also to clothing such as coats used by health workers in laboratories. This way, they can keep an eye on the potential risk of the virus for health workers.

Professor James Collins of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in the United States said: “We have seen that a variety of synthetic biological sensors can be used to detect viruses or bacterial nucleic acids. They can also detect many toxic chemicals.

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the mask is essential
Masks, which have become the primary weapon against the corona epidemic, are still very important today. LNJP director Dr Suresh Kumar says the mask is very important. It can only be eliminated when 80% of the population is vaccinated and collective immunity is formed. In such a situation, the risk of the infection spreading is reduced and there is less chance of the virus changing.

As far as our country is concerned, only 5% of the population received the two doses, in this we cannot think of removing the mask. The way the variant is visible now, which happens even after the vaccine, only a mask can save it.

Photo: MIT

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