coronavirus new strain Finland: new strain of coronavirus discovered in Finland: new strain of corona virus discovered in Finland

The corona virus is constantly changing shape. The latest case was reported in Finland where scientists claim to have found a new strain. According to him, some similarities were also found with other strains. So far, only one case has been found, currently named Fin-796H. However, scientists make no concrete assertions about its contagion or its dangerousness.

I don’t know how much
So far, only 51,000 cases of infection have been found in Finland and 700 people have died. This has led scientists to speculate that the new strain may not have originated in Finland. The researchers reported that the new strains found similarities to those found in British Kent and South Africa. However, this similarity does not make this new strain any more contagious or dangerous.

At the same time, British scientists claim that getting a new virus strain is not a problem. Dr Simon Clarke, infectious disease researcher at the University of Reading, told DailyMail: “There is no evidence yet, there is nothing to fear.” Previously, outside of Great Britain and South Africa, new strains were also found in Brazil. The strain found here has been declared more dangerous.

Question about the effect of the vaccine
Significantly, the impact of vaccines on the variants found in South Africa has been less seen. For this reason, it was decided not to include the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine in the vaccination program. The study found that this vaccine was not very effective against the new variant. Different vaccine manufacturers are also testing new strains to speed up vaccination with accurate results.

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