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If the infection is mild, the study by University College London will have less impact on the heart, more focus on people with severe Kovid infection.
If you have a mild corona infection, it will also have less of an effect on your heart. This was affirmed in a recent study. He says the virus does not completely damage the heart’s ability to function with minor symptoms. Researchers at University College London said the world’s largest population was showing signs of mild infection. Researchers found in a six-month study that the hearts of people with mild infections pumped blood well like healthy people. No damage was found there.

In addition, there was no change in the heart muscle. After this study, experts say there is no benefit to examining the hearts of people with mild infections, as they do not have much effect. This study was carried out on a small number of people. This process will continue for further investigation of its results. It can be noted that in hospitalized severely corona patients, blood clots, heart swelling, heart damage problems have been observed. For these reasons, the greatest number of deaths also occurred.
Coronavirus News: The third wave of Corona is just a fantasy! For now, the focus should be on controlling the second wave.
Need to focus on serious patients
Researchers at University College London conducted the study on around 149 healthcare workers at three London hospitals. Based on its findings, the team of researchers and cardiologists suggests that there is little benefit to examining the hearts of people with mild infections. Research should now focus on those with severe COVID-19 infection as they are at greater risk. Research specialist Dr Thomas said: “We must now focus on the long-term effects of the virus.”

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