Coronavirus Origin News: China furious at Biden’s orders said Covid 19 had spread from the United States, not from the Wuhan lab

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Due to the ravages of the Corona virus, millions of people have lost their lives and millions of dollars have been infected. After the eruption of ChinaWashington / Beijing
Millions of people have lost their lives around the world due to the ravages of the Corona virus and millions of people have been infected with it. Meanwhile, a war of words has erupted between the United States and China over the origin of the Corona outbreak. China erupted after US President Joe Biden ordered the investigation into the origins of the Corona outbreak to be completed within 90 days. Not only that, the dragon has now started to say that the corona virus has not spread from Wuhan but from America to the world.

After Biden’s statement, China has now started to say that the corona virus actually originated in America. Zhao, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson
Lijian said President Joe Biden’s order shows that the United States “does not care about the facts and the truth, nor does it wish to scientifically trace the origins of the virus.” The Chinese spokesman said the United States itself should open all biological laboratories, including the Detrick Fort military base, for testing.
Wuhan laboratory or …? Who is Corona’s culprit? Will intelligence agencies around the world be involved in the research? America in mission mode
“What’s the secret hidden in Fort Detrick and 200 Bio Labs of America?” “
“The US side claims it wants China to engage in a full, transparent and evidence-based international investigation,” Zhao said. He said: “We want the same on the American side to cooperate with the World Health Organization in conducting scientific investigations to trace the origin.” Detrick Fort is a US Army biomedical research laboratory located in Maryland.

The spokesperson for the Chinese Foreign Ministry linked the name of this American laboratory to the corona virus without any concrete evidence. He asked, “What is the secret hidden in Fort Detrick and in 200 biological labs in America around the world?” America must clean up its world. In fact, since the investigation of the Chinese laboratory in Wuhan to trace the origin of the crown began, China has started to take the name of Fort Detrick to distract attention.

Redouble efforts to trace the origin of the pandemic: Biden
Previously, Biden had asked his intelligence agents to redouble their efforts to trace the origin of the pandemic. At the same time, he also asked to find out any possible connection of the virus with the Chinese lab. Biden asked him to submit a report on it within 90 days. Biden’s instructions came amid growing controversy over the origin of the virus from the Wuhan Biological Laboratory in China. Kovid-19 was first detected in the central city of Wuhan in China during the last months of 2019.

Since the virus was confirmed worldwide, 168 million cases of infection have been confirmed worldwide and at least 3.5 million people have died. The announcement comes after a US intelligence report found that several researchers at the Chinese Institute of Virology in Wuhan fell ill in November 2019 and required hospitalization. The new details have put renewed pressure on the Biden administration to order a detailed investigation into the origins of the deadly virus.

China furious at Biden’s order to investigate Corona

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