Coronavirus Origin Update: China Removed Samples From Early Covid 19 Patients That Indicated The Virus Circulating In Wuhan

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Another important disclosure about China and its Wuhan lab surrounded by the source of the corona virus Chinese scientists have suppressed patient data needed to prevent detection of the source of the corona, samples from dozens of patients from Wuhan, the epicenter of this epidemic. has been deleted from the international database
Another important revelation came from China and its laboratory in Wuhan surrounded by the source of the corona virus. Chinese scientists have suppressed data from the first patients, essential to prevent the source of the corona virus. An ongoing extensive investigation into the source of the crown has revealed that samples from dozens of patients in Wuhan, the epicenter of the pandemic, have been removed from international databases.

This international database was created to follow the evolution of the corona virus. These files could have given important clues to the origin of the corona virus. He also could have known how long the epidemic had spread in China before spreading to the Wuhan seafood market in December 2019. The American professor who caught the deletion of these figures recovered part of the dates. .

Corona was spreading in China only a few months ago
US professor Jesse Bloom said the epidemic was spreading there long before China gave official information on the spread of the crown. They found that the first samples of the virus showed it was evolving. However, he didn’t put much emphasis on the lab’s leak theory. Virologist Professor Bloom said he believed China deleted the files to hide their existence.

On the other hand, British scientists claim that this finding suggests that the corona virus was spreading in China several months before the Wuhan wet market was disclosed. The disclosure of the data deletion comes at a time when speculation has escalated that the virus may have been accidentally leaked from the Chinese laboratory in Wuhan. Let us tell you, China strongly denies this and blames America for this virus.

China erased original Corona data

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