Coronavirus Outbreak Children: Children Important to Ending Corona Virus Outbreak in United States: Investigation – Children are Important in Ending Corona Virus Outbreak in United States Investigation Says

A new investigation in the United States has shown that the covid epidemic in the United States will not end until children are vaccinated against the disease. Monday’s New York Times survey cited epidemic experts as saying that the real end of the epidemic would be when at least 70 percent of Americans of all ages are vaccinated.

Teens in the United States just started receiving the vaccine this week, according to the newspaper, and it has yet to be approved for children under 12. “Children are the key to ending the epidemic,” said David Celentano, president of epidemiology at Johns Hopkins University and one of 723 epidemiologists who took part in the survey this month.

“There appears to be a light at the end of the tunnel,” said Gretchen Bandoli, assistant professor of pediatrics at the University of California. He said, “We have the equipment to make it happen, and it seems to be on hand.” In the survey, about 85% of those polled said it is likely that Americans will be able to safely gather for a barbecue on July 4 of this year. A slightly higher share of the survey indicates that it is likely that soon schools will be fully open and families can safely congregate indoors for the winter break.

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