coronavirus patient zero: where is Wuhan Institute of Virology first coronavirus patient: where Wuhan laboratory’s first corona virus patient went

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Wuhan Lab researcher missing for a year, Huang Thi Corona’s first patient went to “Patient Zero”? To this day the government issue remains true, Huang is right, Shakepeaching the Internet / London
The Chinese government has been accused of hiding the investigation looking for the first patient to be infected with the corona virus in nearly a year. Huang Yanling, of the Wuhan Institute of Virology, was described as “patient zero” in online reports shared in China. After that, the outbreak of the epidemic erased the direct contact of the institute. However, these reports did not say when Huang contracted the virus or what happened later. This surely reinforced US claims that institute staff initially claimed to have been infected.

Administration says ‘Huang is fine’
The Chinese government and laboratory officials have denied this news and removed it from the Internet. It has also been claimed that Huang is elsewhere in China and safe. From a message circulating on WhatsApp WeChat in China to his former boss, Professor Wei Hong Ping, the statement claimed that Huang was fine. Even the Chinese news agency claimed to have negotiated with Huang’s new company without giving any details.

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Intensified Internet Discussion
However, Huang himself is absent from social media, and his biography and research history have been removed from the institute’s website. After a year, the only thing related to it is an old photo that was shared on social media. Chinese bloggers and internet users have been worried about the authorities’ claims. He also asked Huang to come out and prove the truth.

Huang alive?
Even after Huang did not appear, bloggers expressed apprehension that he was killed or detained so that the institution’s truth would not be revealed to the world. When reports revealed that Huang was a zero patient the same month, a user who had become a researcher on Chinese social media platform Weibo alleged that the virus had been disclosed by the institute. The lab denied the charge and claimed the man was not a researcher.

China is hiding information?
According to The Mail, the discussion of Huang from the internet in China is disappearing. Huang’s name appeared on three research papers conducted between 2013 and 2015, one of which looked at Staphylococcus bacteria. The DailyMail Online report claimed that Western governments and intelligence agencies were also unable to locate Huang because China’s official line is that the virus has not started to spread through them. Wuhan facilities.

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