Coronavirus recovery: Kitne din Rehta hai Coronavirus: Corona virus is correct in how many days

Corona virus cases are increasing rapidly and in such a situation, many kinds of questions are sure to arise in the minds of people. Although the world has been over a year with this outbreak, and words like mask-social distancing have become very common, but there are still things that can identify the severity of the disease and it is needed in time . Action can be taken. A big question like this is: how long does it take to improve or worsen the condition of a patient with Corona virus infection?

How quickly are you right?
According to Dr. Faheem Younus of the University of Maryland, most patients recover within 14 days, but less than 10% of these people have a disease that begins to worsen in the second week. . Dr Faheem explains: “If your condition has not worsened in the first two weeks, you will recover. Over 80% of people fall into this category. ”

“Don’t worry about viruses”
He said health is deteriorating rapidly and improvement is slow. He also advised people to worry less about the virus like its variants or its spread in the air, experts are working on it. People should focus on private behavior. Her advice is to wear an N95 / KN95 mask, avoid entering crowds and getting vaccinated. They said you should pay attention to the things you can control and be careful.

Don’t fear the spread of coronavirus from the air, expert doctor said, how to protect
“ Social distancing is important ”
Earlier, on reports of the virus being spread by air, Dr Fahim wrote that he should stop wearing sheet masks. He said, “Buy two N95 or KN95 masks. Use one mask per day. After use, put it in a paper bag and use another one. Wear these masks interchangeably every 24 hours. If they are not injured, they can be used for weeks.

Dr Fahim clarified: “The virus does not mean that the air is infected. This means that the virus can linger in the air, creating even more danger inside buildings. He says that by following social distancing without a mask, the park and the beach are always the safest.

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