Coronavirus Spain | Christmas restrictions, perimeter closure, news of new strain and COVID vaccine, live

Coronavirus Spain | Christmas restrictions, perimeter closure, news of new strain and COVID vaccine, live

The pandemic, live

The latest news from the COVID-19 pandemic in Spain and around the world, new restrictions and the arrival of the vaccine, live on

Updated: Friday, December 25, 2020 11:22 PM

Published on: 12/25/2020 23:22

Updated at 23:22


Turkey will need negative PCR to visit the country from Monday

Fahrettin Koca, Turkish Minister of Health, reported on Twitter that anyone wishing to enter Turkey by air will have to present a negative PCR from Monday. In addition, people who intend to enter Turkey by land will have to comply with the same requirement from Wednesday, Koca said.


France records 20,262 new infections and 159 deaths

France has recorded 20,262 new cases of coronavirus and 159 deaths in the past 24 hours, as reported by the French Ministry of Health. With the last 159 dead, the death toll since the start of the pandemic stands at 62,427. At the same time, the positivity rate has continued to decline, with a percentage of 3.4%, four tenths lower than the standby.


First doses of coronavirus vaccine arrive in Rome

The first 9,750 doses of the coronavirus vaccine from Pfizer and BioNTech have already arrived in Rome On the same day Italy received the first doses of the vaccine, more than 19,000 COVID-19 infections were recorded. The first to receive the vaccine will be the doctors, nurses and health workers at Spallanzani Hospital, and they will do so from this Sunday.


Italy records 459 deaths and 19,037 new infections over Christmas in lockdown

Italy has recorded 459 deaths from the coronavirus in the past 24 hours and 19,037 new cases on a Christmas day when the whole country is confined. With the 459 deaths in the last hours, the country has reached 71,359 deaths in the country since the start of the pandemic, making it the fifth country with the most deaths from the virus in the world, behind the United States, Brazil, India and Mexico.


Residential workers denounce ‘abandonment’ during pandemic

The Madrid Association for Addiction Care gathered the stories of nursing home workers in a documentary thanking them for doing so much more than their jobs demanded of them during the worst months of the pandemic. Professionals denounce feeling “abandoned” and “stigmatized”, while the number of deaths in retirement homes continues to increase.


Terrible data on the coronavirus in the United States: 3,310 deaths in one day

The United States is recording devastating data on COVID-19: 3,310 deaths and about 225,000 new infections in the past 24 hours. However, despite this, it seems that many have lost their fear of the virus as millions of people travel for Christmas. In fact, last Wednesday as many as 1.2 million Americans flew on a plane, the highest number in the entire pandemic.


May 2020, the month of walks

We continue our review of 2020, the year of the pandemic, with the month of May, in which de-escalation played out today and the day-to-day of the Spaniards.


Russia to provide 6.5 million doses by early 2021

Russia will provide nearly 6.5 million doses of the Sputnik V vaccine to its medical centers in January and February 2021, according to Mikhail Mishustin, the country’s prime minister. “The pace of vaccine production is increasing. Our estimates are that in January and February, medical centers will receive nearly 6.5 million doses. This is very good,” Mishustin said in a meeting with producers. COVID-19 vaccine. .


Canary Islands add 176 new infections, including 116 in Tenerife

The Canary Islands provisionally recorded 176 new cases of the COVID-19 coronavirus today, so the total accumulated cases in the islands already stands at 25,873. In the past 24 hours, no deaths have been reported or validated, but it is likely that in the official data update for the next few days, one death will correspond to that of yesterday.


New strain of coronavirus detected in Japan

Japanese authorities have announced that they have detected for the first time several cases of the new strain of coronavirus carried by travelers arriving in the country from the United Kingdom. The information was provided by Health Minister Norihisa Tamura, who said the cases occurred when passengers were screened at two Japanese airports between December 18 and 21.


Russia imposes 14-day quarantine on British travelers

In view of the discovery of the new strain of COVID-19, Russia has decided to impose a new measure on travelers from the British Isles, decreeing 14 days of mandatory quarantine.


Lebanon detects new variant of COVID-19 on flight from London

The Lebanese government announced on Friday the detection of the first case of the new variant detected in the United Kingdom of the coronavirus in the Mediterranean country, by confirming a positive case on a flight that arrived from London to Beirut earlier this week. “A case of the new variant of COVID-19 was recorded on flight ME202 departing from London on December 21,” Lebanese Minister of Public Health Hamad Hasan wrote on his official Twitter account, without giving details of the nationality. of the passenger or his state of health.


Pope Francis calls for everyone to have access to the vaccine

Pope Francis today urged those with responsibilities to guarantee the vaccine to everyone, “especially the most vulnerable”, in his Christmas message this year delivered inside St. Peter’s Basilica and without the presence of the faithful by urgency. “In this time of darkness and uncertainty, the lights of hope are like the lights of vaccines, but for these lights to bring hope to the whole world, they must be available to everyone,” Francisco said. (EFE)


Alert: Home vaccination scam for seniors

New fraud linked to the coronavirus, this time linked to the vaccine which is about to arrive in Spain on Sunday. The Civil Guard warned the Junta de Andalucía that the crooks would pose as home “ vaccinators ”, offering their service to get to the homes of the elderly and thus be vaccinated against the coronavirus. All of the information.


New positives in Galicia drop to 309

The number of new positives for the coronavirus detected in Galicia fell by nearly a hundred, to 309, in a day during which, however, COVID patients admitted to intensive care units (ICU) suffered an increase for the second day in a row and stand at 54.


Israel, at the gates of its third confinement

Israel today affected 4,000 daily cases of the coronavirus, a figure not recorded for more than two months, and which shows the gradual increase in morbidity less than three days after the start of a third lockout which will take effect on Sunday . The country detected 3,958 cases yesterday after performing more than 98,000 tests, with a positive percentage of 4.1%, the health ministry reported.


They kick out a bar for a birthday that violated restrictions

National police have evicted a bar in the capital Cadiz on Christmas Eve for a birthday that violated coronavirus restrictions. This was reported to Europa Press by police sources, who indicated that the facility is located in the La Laguna district.

11:03 a.m.

Navarra: contagions and decreased positivity rate

Navarre recorded 104 cases of COVID-19 on Thursday, compared to 124 it recorded the day before, according to data provided by the regional government. After performing a total of 1,948 PCR and antigen tests, the positivity, with the 104 cases mentioned above, was 5.3%, also a better figure than the previous day, which was 6.4%.


Catalonia adds nearly 3,000 infections and 49 deaths

Catalonia added 2,958 new infections and 49 deaths from COVID-19 in the past 24 hours, although the speed of spread fell again for the fifth day in a row, which stood at 1.20, four hundredths less than yesterday, and decreased the number of patients admitted.


Castilla y León exceeds 136,000 positives in total

Castilla y León has a total of 136,098 positive for the coronavirus, including 313 new, as well as ten new deaths (eight of them in hospitals and two in residences) and a total of 19,433 hospital discharges, including 75 new , according to data proposed by the Ministry of Health on Thursday and will not be updated until tomorrow Saturday. (EP)


Russia registers more than 29,000 new cases of COVID-19

Russia is approaching three million infections in total since the start of the pandemic. With the 29,018 detected in the last 24 hours, its total stands at 2,992,706. In addition, 563 people have died since yesterday, bringing the total number of deaths to 53,659.


Brazil exceeds 190,000 deaths from COVID-19

Brazil has already exceeded 190,000 deaths from the coronavirus, after adding more than 700 in a single day, to which the country’s president, Jair Bolsonaro, has expressed his “solidarity” with the families of the deceased. According to the latest report from the Ministry of Health, in the last day there were 786 new deaths from COVID-19, bringing the total number of deaths to 190,006. During these 24 hours, 60,076 new positives were detected, for a total of 7.4 million. (EP)


China adds 14 new virus cases, 7 due to local contagion

The National Health Commission of China today reported that the Asian country detected 14 new positive for the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus on Thursday, 7 of which were produced by local contagion in northeast Liaoning Province, the scene of a small epidemic in the last days. (EFE)


Infections in South Korea soar despite new restrictions

South Korea has recorded 1,241 coronavirus cases in the past 24 hours, more than 250 from the previous day, a new record, despite authorities tightening restrictions to stop the spread of COVID -19. (EP)


25,533 infections and 412 deaths in Germany

Germany has registered 25,533 new positives in the past 24 hours, bringing the total number of people infected since the start of the pandemic to 1,612,648. During the same period, 412 people have died from COVID- 19, bringing the total to 30,000 deaths.


US to require UK passengers to test negative

Starting next Monday, the United States will require travelers arriving in the country on flights from the United Kingdom to show a negative test taken within the last 72 hours in order to enter the country, as reported by the Centers for the Control and Prevention of Diseases (CDC). (EP)

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