Coronavirus sparked demand for this worker profile

The health crisis and the growing need to increase PCR and antigen testing are leading to a high demand for specialized personnel to perform it. The Spanish Association of Laboratory Technicians in Spain has 1,000 new technicians who are urgently needed.

In fact, this insufficiency already means that many of the PCR and antigen tests that are carried out do not meet safety standards. According to the Spanish Society of Senior Sanitary Technicians and the National Union of Senior Sanitary Technicians, the main drawbacks occur in the way samples are handled, the conditions of the facilities where they are performed and the delay in obtaining results.

And this is all due to the lack of staff of laboratory technicians, who are the properly qualified professionals to handle these tests.

“All of these tests must be carried out by properly trained and trained professionals for later use in the laboratory,” say sources from CEAC, a leading vocational and technical training center in Spain, which currently teaches the higher cycle of VET. . Clinical and biomedical laboratory.

Strong professional demand

In the same vein, and in the current context, the demand for labor by laboratory technicians in turn implies a growing interest in their training.

Without going any further, from the CEAC, they warn that there has been an increase of up to 109% of students enrolled in the FP higher diploma of the clinical and biomedical laboratory only in 2020, with nearly 200 new students enrolled.

In addition, these are studies where the majority of women (79%) have completed higher education (80%). In this sense, many of them register as an opportunity to find a job (24%), or to improve their current job (19%).

How PCR Tests Work

Currently, diagnostic tests for SARS-Cov2 (COVID-19 virus) consist in amplifying the genetic sequences of the virus by PCR or in detecting proteins from it. Through PCR, a fragment of genetic material is localized and amplified, which in the case of coronavirus is an RNA molecule. Faced with the complexity of this process, unions and associations demand that the fields and professionals be adapted to guarantee safety, quality and traceability.

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