Coronavirus Sun Exposure: Corona Virus Coronavirus Death Rate Connection: Corona Virus Sun Death Connection

One study noted that prolonged exposure to sunlight, especially exposure to ultraviolet rays, is associated with fewer deaths from Kovid-19. According to researchers at the University of Edinburgh in the UK, while additional research suggests a reduction in mortality, prolonged exposure to the sun may help general public health.

The study, published in the British Journal of Dermatology, compared UV levels in 2,474 counties during this period with deaths between January and April 2020 in the Americas. The team found that fewer Kovid-19 deaths occurred among people living in areas with high levels of ultraviolet rays.

According to the researchers, similar studies were carried out in England and Italy. The researchers analyzed the risk of becoming infected with the virus and dying, taking into account age, community, socio-economic status, population density, air pollution, temperature and level of infection in the area.

Researchers claim that due to prolonged exposure to the sun, the skin eliminates nitric oxide. This likely reduces the ability of the virus to move forward.

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