coronavirus Trees Pollen: Can the corona virus spread around the world even from trees? Scientists warn – covid 19 could be spread by trees, pollen can carry hundreds of viral particles warn scientists

There is bad news for the world battling the ravages of the Corona virus. In recent research, scientists have warned that hundreds of viruses like the crown can also be spread through tree pollen. The risk of spreading the corona virus from pollen grains is higher in crowded areas. This surprising information was brought to light in research from the University of Nicosia in Cyprus.

The researchers modeled on a computer a willow tree that releases large amounts of pollen and described how its particles spread. However, the good news is that these pollen grains move away from the crowds very quickly. Based on this research, researchers said that 6 feet of social distancing will not always be enough to prevent the spread of the corona virus.

Instead, the researchers suggested that measures should be taken to reduce them in places where the level of pollen grains in the air is high. He said that in one day, on average, a tree can release more than 40 grains of pollen per cubic foot into the air. Not only that, there can be thousands of virus particles inside each particle. The research was carried out by physicist Talib Dabouk and engineer Dimitrius Drikakis.

These experts are in awe of the relationship between areas with more corona infection and America’s allergy map. These researchers created a computer diagram based on a complete model of how pollen is carried by the wind from a willow tree. Dimitrius Drikakis said he hopes this research will lead people to pay more attention to trees. His research has been published in the journal Physics of Fluids.

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